The Symposium 2014

The eighth Australian Protection Symposium took place on the12th and 13th August 2014 at Dockside, Darling Harbour, Sydney where firsthand experiences from Australia and around the globe were shared through paper presentations, panel discussions and interactive Q&A sessions encouraging attendees to stay in tune with the latest solutions, innovations, successes and challenges in our industry. 

The APS has been designed as a unique and neutral platform to gather experts in the electrical protection industry in a friendly and dynamic environment to encourage idea exchange and a range of diverse contributions.

The APS attracts researchers, industry experts, engineers, practitioners and other professionals involved and interested in the electrical protection industry. This annual opportunity to come together, discuss ideas face to face and build close cooperation channels for solving future challenges results in a rewarding experience for all contributors.


Since its inception seven years ago, the APS has been a truly successful forum. In earlier years, the Symposium toured major Australian cities with a number of expert speakers while also attracting knowledgeable local speakers in each location.  More recently, the Symposium has been held in Sydney as a two day event with speakers and participants from energy companies, utilities, universities, manufacturers, consultants, service providers and standards committees as well as those generally involved and interested in the electrical industry, especially in the protection world.

The introduction of the IEC61850 communication standard has opened up another world of possibilities, but unanswered questions often lead to doubt and uncertainty.  Ongoing changes in the electrical power industry caused by increased interest in renewable energy resources and the challenges of their integration, makes it essential for industry experts to share and discuss their approaches, experiences and solutions. Knowledge sharing on innovations and advancements in protection schemes, applicable standards and commissioning, testing and fault analysis, are important topics among others discussed at the APS.

The APS is not limited to sharing only Australian experiences. Past APS’s have featured presentations from the USA, Finland, Austria, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Singapore. These international contributions help to sharpen perspectives and raise new possibilities.

The content of the APS is overseen by a steering committee of industry professionals from around Australia, each with an impressive record of experience in their field. Their expertise and collective industry insight ensures the program is of highest quality and covers topics of real interest in the field.

The format of the Australian Protection Symposium comprises of a series of 20 minute presentations giving the presenter enough time to go into detail of objectives, challenges, methods, designs, solutions and results. After each presentation time is also allocated for questions and discussions ensuring participants get the maximum benefit from presentations, share and clarify any issues covered and to express their opinion or share their own experience on the subject.

Presentations on the first day are concluded with a panel discussion, following which, all participants are invited to enjoy the Symposium dinner at L’Aqua Restaurant.

All presented papers are gathered in full paper format and printed in the APS proceedings for future references and further sharing with colleagues and associates.


Feedback from previous events

Time allocated for presentations was perfect with great content.
Very good and well structured.  Was good to see participants and presenters from across the globe.
Great exposure to new information as well as valuable contacts as I grow my business.
Improvement in telecom technology is diminishing the boundary between protection and communication. Thanks for good forum of discussions.
Very good interaction among participants and the best part was the presence of Alex Apostolov – it added great value.
Dinner and entertainment was very enjoyable.