Steering Committee 2024

At the heart of the Australian Protection Symposium’s technical planning and success lies our Steering Committee. Dedicated to representing the industry’s diverse perspectives, this committee plays a crucial role in shaping the thematic focus of upcoming APS events. Beyond setting themes, they are instrumental in vetting and approving paper submissions, ensuring the relevance and success of each symposium.

Comprised of accomplished professionals from across Australia and NZ, the APS 2024 Steering Committee has been pivotal in enhancing the quality of this event. Their collective expertise ensures that the APS remains a dynamic platform, fostering innovation, and delivering valuable insights for the industry and staying a neutral platform.

  • Ritesh Bharat | Powercor
  • Sameep Chetri | Western Power
  • Raymond Robinson | Endeavour energy
  • Gurinder Saluja | Transgrid 
  • Nick Richardson | Ausgrid
  • Daniel Mulholland | Transpower
  • Satendra Bhola | Tasnetworks
  • Graeme Heggie | Electranet
  • Ian Young | Schneider
  • Maryam Khallaghi | OMICRON Energy
  • Tibor Congo | OMICRON Energy