The Symposium 2024

The 14th APS will take place on the 17th – 18th September 2024 at Dockside, Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia.

Join us as first-hand experiences from Australia and around the globe will be shared through paper presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions encouraging attendees to stay in tune with the latest solutions, innovations, successes, and challenges in our industry.


Snapshots from previous APS:

Since its inception in 2007, the Australian Protection Symposium (APS) has grown into a dynamic and influential platform, adapting to the evolving landscape of the electrical industry. Originally touring major cities with expert speakers, APS has evolved into a two-day event travelling the east coast of Australia and being held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in different years. APS welcomes participants from diverse sectors including energy companies, utilities, universities, manufacturers, consultants, service providers, and standards committees. This inclusive approach encompasses all facets of the electrical industry, particularly in the dynamic realm of protection.

With the introduction of the IEC61850 communication standard, APS has delved into new possibilities, yet lingering questions around this standard and the broader changes in the electrical power industry persist. The surge in interest in renewable energy resources and the challenges of their integration underscore the importance of experts coming together to share insights, experiences, and solutions. Knowledge exchange on innovations, advancements in protection schemes, applicable standards, commissioning, testing, and fault analysis remains a cornerstone of APS.

Notably, APS goes beyond national borders, featuring international presentations from contributors around the globe. This diverse perspective enriches discussions, introducing novel possibilities and fostering a global network.

In the context of the evolving grid requirements and emerging technologies, APS serves as a critical hub for utilities, asset owners, industry professionals, consultants, and service providers to stay abreast of the changes, opportunities, and challenges. The symposium also recognizes the increasing importance of cybersecurity in this digital era, providing a platform for experts to share insights and strategies.

Guided by a steering committee of industry professionals from across Australia and NZ, APS ensures a top-tier program, covering topics of genuine interest and relevance. Join us at APS to be at the forefront of industry advancements and to contribute to the dialogue shaping the future of electrical protection.

Feedback from previous events

Time allocated for presentations was perfect with great content.

Very good and well structured.  Was good to see participants and presenters from across the globe.

Great exposure to new information as well as valuable contacts as I grow my business.

Improvement in telecom technology is diminishing the boundary between protection and communication. Thanks for good forum of discussions.

Very good interaction among participants and the best part was the presence of Alex Apostolov – it added great value.

Very enjoyable 2 days. 20/10 format with 30 minute time slots was excellent, never got stuck in long winded presentations.

Very interactive and right balance between presentations, Q&A and breaks.

I found the topics of great interest and insight and felt as though my brain was crammed with a deluge of information. I would like to give my appreciation to all the speakers as well if possible and to thank them for their time and patience with some of my questions.