Steering Committee 2016

The Australian Protection Symposium is planned via a steering committee. The main aim of this committee is to represents the industry, set the theme for upcoming APS events and assist with paper submission approvals, The committee members help to bring together a fruitful APS and with their experienced input we can ensure that this event is successful and remains relevant for the industry.

The steering committee for APS 2016 included a great team from all over Australia and their contribution has been invaluable in the quality of the event.

  • Robert Bates | Ergon Energy
  • Ian Young | Schneider Electrics
  • John Ainsworth | former Ausgrid
  • Graeme Heggie | Electranet
  • Michael Griffin | Australian Power Institute
  • Sy Bui | Aurecon
  • Maryam Khallaghi | OMICRON Electronics
  • Rodney Hughes | Rodney Hughes Consulting
  • Anthony Kenwrick | Powerlink