IEC 61850 Tutorial

1-day IEC 61850 Tutorial

with Alex Apostolov on 17th August 2015 | AUD 330 (incl GST)

Developments in IEC 61850: Beyond the Substation

  • Evolution of IEC 61850 from Edition 1 to Edition 2
  • Improving transmission and distribution protection using IEC 61850
  • Integration of Distributed Energy Resources in IEC 61850 based systems
  • Synchrophasors and their applications in IEC 61850 based systems
  • The business case for IEC 61850
  • Impact of IEC 61850 on the testing of protection, automation and control systems



Dr. Alexander Apostolov has 40 years’ experience in power systems protection, automation, control and communications.

He is IEEE Fellow and Member of the Power Systems Relaying Committee and Substations C0 Subcommittee. He is past Chairman of the Relay Communications Subcommittee, serves on many IEEE PES Working Groups and is Chairman of Working Groups C2 “Role of Protective Relaying in Smart Grid” and D21 “Contribution to IEC TC 95 WG MT4 Protection Functions Testing”.

A CIGRE Distinguished Member, he is member of IEC TC57 working groups 10, 17, 18 and 19 and Convenor of CIGRE WG B5.53 ” Test Strategy for Protection, Automation and Control (PAC) functions in a full digital substation based on IEC 61850 applications” and member of several other CIGRE B5 working groups. He holds four patents and has authored and presented more than 400 technical papers.

He is IEEE Distinguished Lecturer and Editor-in-Chief of PAC World.

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